Since the establishment of ADMA media in 2013, we have been growing steadily, especially in the last 3 years. Today we have an active presence and offices in Slovakia and Czech Republic with a multiple international clients and some local ones. Currently we have 6 employees and several international interns on various positions and still growing.

Challenge we like

We try to help companies that are either growing very fast or are about to land in CEE Region as international investor that is going to build own operations on the green field. In both cases it's usually play about time, delivery, quality and achieving extraordinary results in very short turnaround time. We are used to work under pressure and work under agile methodologies to achieve added value and build, optimize or restructure clients operations and business activities. That's where we are at home.

Experience that counts

Our founders and team has mentored and made advisory to over 60 startups and scaleups in last 4 years!” to “Our founders and team has made advisory to nearly 20 clients and mentored over 60 startups and scaleups in last 5+ years!


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